Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Heaven on Earth (aka my kitchen)

For the past few days, every time I enter my house I feel really good, and it's not because I am that much closer to my bed.

It's because I have a new kitchen! least it feels new. It feels remodeled! And here's why: for Christmas I received...(counting on fingers)...four gifts for my kitchen.

- A chrome shelving unit with a wood top that actually doubles my countertop space, and looks beautiful to boot. As I am typing this I realize that I really need a camera, so that I can post that here. Hmmm.

- A set of - gasp - kitchen knives!!! They are J.A. Henckels knives, with a block to put them in. I have them proudly displayed on my new shelf/countertop. I was hacking at things with two old knives I've had forever, and it was getting embarrassing. Now I even have a knife sharpener!

- A miniature food processor! This one is so cute and stylish, too. It's made by Dualit, a UK manufacturer of, well, cute stuff! Toasters, hand blenders, etc. Mine has a chrome base and is also on my new shelves.

- A light over my stove top! Ok, this one we found from Ikea via Goodwill in Santa Monica, and for $7.99 took a gamble. Well, the gamble paid off, because it fits, looks good (a bonus) and, most importantly, does what it's supposed to do: lights up my workspace!

I love having a beautiful place to come home and cook in!

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  1. Nothing makes cooking a pleasure like good knives...