Friday, December 19, 2008

If I only get one book for Christmas, let it be this one

I spend a lot of afternoons waiting for my lunch at il panini di ambra, a little Italian eatery in Little Armenia. Ambra (the owner's actual name) is an amazing cook, and runs her catering company out of this storefront. Fantastic caterer, but they don't exactly have the whole lunch-rush-thing down, so I end up waiting quite a while for my food. She keeps a copy of this book in the seating area, so I end up perusing it and trying to commit recipes to memory (which, btw, never works).

My god, the Italians are brilliant locavores, and this book celebrates the best of their food culture, region by region.

Makes me miss the garden I had in Texas (which is, no doubt, much more plentiful in my memory than it ever was in real life).

Makes me want to visit Italy again.

Makes my mouth water.

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