Monday, December 29, 2008

and finally....I move on to a new cookbook!

My rockstar kid gave me a cookbook for Christmas, and I am loving it! I usually cook pasta for him, which probably inspired his choice:

I love this book, which, rather than being an exhaustive (and exhausting!) plethora of every pasta recipe ever created, is a pared-down collection of the very best. And as I head into 2009 pledging to cook more locally grown, fresh produce, I love that this book is organized into seasons: recipes for spring and summer, and winter and fall. There are also chapters labeled "The Classics", "Quick Suppers", and "Elegant Entertaining". Oh, and "Hearty Vegetarian" as well.

Williams-Sonoma obviously spared no expense on their food photographer - each picture is so inviting...this is just porn for me. I even have my very first food crush: I am secretly in love with "Angel hair pasta with with scallops and arugula"...let's hope it's as exciting as the photo.

Tonight I limited myself to what I could purchase at Von's, as I live ridiculously close to one. Von's is not exactly a mecca of organic produce, but I manage to find some good things, and their "O" (as in "organics", you filthy mind, you!) brand is fairly high quality. I decided to try the linguine with Italian tuna and (roasted!!) cherry tomatoes.

As it turned out, I had to make several substitutions. Instead of Italian tuna, I tuna (blushing). There was no whole wheat linguine, so I made spaghetti instead.

Still, this was a very flavorful meal, as in I-had-3-bowls-of-it flavorful. I loved that it called for roasting cherry tomatoes again (I swear this was a coincidence!). Basically, it's linguine (or in my case, spaghetti), tossed with olive oil, capers, sun dried tomatoes, roasted cherry tomatoes, and a handful of whatever herbs you have on hand (I had oregano and basil, plus salt and pepper). This dish was light and lovely.

I give my new cookbook an A++

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