Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sometimes you need to flush the bad out...

Texas is glorious today.

I sit on my balcony, looking out over the trees (and the home depot parking...but you can't have perfection, I guess), eating a bowl of yellow, orange and red heirloom cherry tomatoes, drizzled with sesame oil. Preparing for my fast.

I will spend the next seven days nourishing myself with lots of music, writing, yoga...and litres and litres of the spring water with maple syrup, lemon juice and cayenne. Walks at the river. There will be a lot of solitude as well, which I know can turn into isolation. I'll keep an eye on that.

I have been back in Texas for an entire season now.

When I emerge from fasting, I'll settle into Autumn with root vegetables, grains...traditional Fall foods. Sweaters. Heavier blankets.

Cheers. I raise my glass of water/syrup/lemon/cayenne to you.

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